The cost of attendance seems too low. How can you offer this price?

 The cost of attendance to 1000 BEATS is very low because the event takes place in low season. In Selinunte, in particular, the flow of tourists is usually concentrated almost only in the months of July and August, therefore we are able to obtain a considerable discount from the local operator for the period of April and May. Also the Mediterranean climate in Sicily is suitable for outdoor activities, which not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes but also to save money on the rental of indoor spaces.

Why is the voucher worth 85 EUR and how does it work?

According to industry studies that we have carried out, the average cost of a direct return flight from dozens of European destinations to Palermo or Trapani in April and May does not exceed 85 EUR, if booked in time. Therefore our voucher is guaranteed to cover this average cost.
The voucher is a common business initiative for the most important world companies, like Ikea, Ryanair and Amazon, and consists of a bearer security that can be exchanged for the purchase of certain products. Our voucher can be used to buy your return flight to attend the event, booking through us with our agreed airline.

What happens if my ticket costs more than 85 EUR?

Whilst filling out the registration form, we will try to offer the most useful route for you to reach Selinunte in time and to leave again at the end of the event without spending any more than the 85 EUR. However it may happen that the value of the voucher is exceeded for several reasons: for example, in the case of dates or departure airports other than the ones suggested, last minute bookings, unforeseen exceptional trade from a specific departure airport or other inconveniences. Unfortunately, these factors are considered as services or surcharges not included in the rate. In every case we will do everything possible to find the most suitable solution to your request and we will search for a way that you don’t have to spend more money. Also in this case, we will send you different offers, with no obligation, and only if you want to participate will we ask you to pay the difference between this and the basic rate.

What happens if I pay the registration fee, or the balance, and then I decide I cannot come any more?

Let’s hope that this does not happen! Your attendance is important to us and gives us great pleasure. In each case, with the amount of 199 EUR that you send us at the time of your registration, we proceed immediately to purchase your plane ticket to avoid any increase in cost and we place deposits on all of the other services that you will take advantage of during your stay. For this reason, we begrudgingly can not refund your registration fee. Regarding the balance that has to be paid by 31/03/2017, instead we are willing to consider the possibility of refunding this in the case of an emergency, if your cancellation is due to valid reasons.

And if I choose different arrival or departure dates?

If you want to arrive a few days earlier or stay a few days after the event, you are most welcome! We look forward to having you as our guest in beautiful Selinunte and we are committed to finding you the most suitable and convenient solution with no obligation. We will forward you the best offers so that you have time to evaluate them and decide. Only if you formally accept one of these suggestions, will we ask you to pay the difference between this and the basic rate.

And if I want a superior room or a double room to stay in with my accompanying person?

To request a category of room different to that indicated in the registration form, we will commit to finding you the most suitable and economic solution. You can assess the various offers that we suggest, with no obligation, and only if you want to participate, will we ask you to pay the difference between this and the basic rate.

If you have an accompanying person, we will commit to accommodating you in the same room without any additional cost. If instead you want to sleep in a superior room, for example a double room with en suite, we will send you new available suggestions and prices, for you to think about and then only pay the difference between this and the basic rate.


Which is the best international airport to reach Selinunte?

The town is served by 2 international airports, both less than 100Km away and reachable by motorway: the airport in Palermo and the one in Trapani. The first recorded a total number of arrivals from Europe in 2014 of 889,215 passengers and the latter 436,420 passengers, a grand total of 1,325,635 European tourists.

Upon arrival at Palermo or Trapani airport, will there be anyone to meet me?

We will be waiting in the arrival hall with open arms! One of our highly visible appointees at our 1000 BEATS stand will welcome you and there will be a place reserved for you on the first bus leaving for Selinunte.


What happens once I have arrived in Selinunte if I decide I want to change accommodation and go to a 3 star hotel?

If you think you want to change your accommodation, we would ask you to do it before you arrive in Selinunte, if possible even before paying the balance, i.e. by 31/03/2017. This is because, although we will do whatever possible to ensure you have a great experience from the first moment (we are equipped to accommodate 1000 people, in a single day, in all languages), sudden changes to bookings can create unpleasant situations for everyone, like long queues at the help desk, waits for new bookings, previously unforeseen transfer organisation, etc.

Apart from attending 1000 BEATS, what else can I do in Selinunte?

Ask us for a list of activities that we have organised, by writing to this address: [email protected]! In the programme, you will find guided tours, excursions, art workshops, boat trips, massages, sport and much more. We advise you to book your favourite activity as soon as possible, because some places are limited.

Can I order something other than the 1000 BEATS Menu and pay with Buono Pasto (Meal vouchers)?

Of course! You can order different dishes other than the 1000 BEATS Menu and if the amount does not exceed 10 EUR you do not have to pay anything extra. However, if you want to eat lobster, then the restaurant will charge you the difference, just like any other additional service or supplement.

I have some food allergies or intolerances. I am vegetarian or vegan. What can I expect from the 1000 BEATS Menu?

With any of the agreed restaurants, there will be variants on the 1000 BEATS Menu that take into account intolerances, allergies or vegetarian or vegan diets, without any additional cost. To facilitate the excellent organisation of the meals, we ask you to notify us of your request when you register on the event, when filling out the form.  

Can I use more than one voucher for a single meal or to pay for drinks?

As per the contract, you can only use one Food Voucher worth 10 EUR for lunch and another for dinner and the vouchers can not be used to buy drinks.